Mixed Ability Sports Ireland was founded in 2021 by Alan Craughwell to lead the way in promoting the Mixed Ability model on the island of Ireland. Since starting his journey with Mixed Ability 9 years ago, Alan was a key driver behind the formation of Ireland’s first Mixed Ability rugby team at Sunday’s Well Rebels.

Alan has an extensive knowledge of disability and social care and has been a key player in the European growth of the Mixed Ability movement working with International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) through some EU funded projects. Current Chair of the Irish Rugby Football Union Disability Rugby Working Group and Director of IMART Cork, he has also played a pivotal role in securing Ireland as the host for the 3rd International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament and looks forward to extending the famous Irish welcome the largest Mixed Ability event to date this June.

As Managing Director of Mixed Ability Sports Ireland, Alan is responsible for developing the Mixed Ability Model across multiple sports and sectors, whilst also playing a key role in contributing to overall global development with International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS).

About Mixed Ability Sports Ireland

Mixed Ability Sports Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation promoting, developing, and delivering Mixed Ability Sports across the Island of Ireland.

At Mixed Ability Sports Ireland we believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the transformational power of sport to create healthy and thriving communities.

To support the transformation of our vision into reality, Mixed Ability Sports Ireland provides interactive and accessible educational, sporting and training programmes that are delivered by experts with lived experience of the Mixed Ability model. Through this process we are able create sporting environments that are safe, welcoming, and non-judgemental for all, with benefits to the individual, the clubs and the wider community. Mixed Ability Sport Ireland also provides diversity and inclusion programmes to help charitable and private organisations harness the power of inclusion and make a real impact to the communities they serve!

Changing Lives through Mixed Ability

Marie and her teammates Ruby and Ciara from the Ballincollig Trailblazers

“As Mixed Ability Sports Ireland presenter , I get to tell my story and show my ability during our workshops. We show that no matter what your ability everybody can be included in everything.”

Marie Healy – Mixed Ability Sports Ireland Presenter

International Growth

Mixed Ability Sports Ireland joins the rapidly expanding global sporting movement that is promoted by IMAS (International Mixed Ability Sports) based in the UK.

Originally developed due to the lack of provision for disabled players to partake in rugby, mixed ability is now finding its way into a cross section of sports from boxing to rowing.

There are now 16 sports that have mixed ability offerings worldwide

Would your organisation, school, or club benefit from exploring innovative ways to improve communication, diversity, equality and trust?

If so, we would love to discuss our interactive, stimulating, and thought-provoking training with you.

Mixed Ability Sport Ireland offers a new and exciting way for organisations outside of sport to benefit from the learning and experience of our participants. We deliver training programmes that are focused on team working, communication and diffused leadership through the lens of celebrating diversity and fostering equality.

Each training session is built around your requirements and co-produced by our team of trainers who are “experts by experience” having faced and overcome barriers to full inclusion in society. All our training and development days involve interactive activities, cooperative games and practical sessions which will stimulate and invigorate your team into different ways of engaging with each other and with different sectors of your community.

For more information email: a.craughwell@mixedabilitysports.org

Developing the game at all levels, reflecting the community we serve

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